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Help Send Luke Campagnola To SciPy Conference

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You have until May 15 to help send TriPython's highest contributing member to SciPy Conference to help advance the state of Python visualizations.

TriPython member Luke Campagnola is a tireless and selfless contributor to the forefront of FOSS scientific Python software. You may have attended his presentation to TriPython his packages VisPy and PyQtGraph last year. His work is stunning.

Luke is a post-doc in the School of Medicine at UNC where he conducts neuro-electrophysiology research that will lead to hearing for the deaf and sight for the blind. It's in the after hours that he continues to lead and contribute to large scientific Python open source projects. On post-doc pay. With a family.

Luke is deserving of your help. Luke really needs to get to SciPy Conference this year to get the SciPy community more aware of VisPy and PyQtGraph. VisPy has gotten attention at EuroSciPy for a few years now. But not here on Luke's home soil.

Let's see if we can't raise the funds as a user group to send Luke to SciPy Conference. If you have ever benefited from your association with TriPython, or if I've ever done you a favor, or if you've ever had pizza at a project night, here's your way to give back. Please give generously at this link:

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