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What you should know before signing up for class.

This course is intended to teach people to build sites using Plone. It does not assume that you have any significant experience with Plone (however, people who do have experience with Plone often report that they still learn a great deal!).

There are things that you should be familiar with:

  • Installing software on your computer
  • HTML: writing pages in HTML by hand
  • Basic skills of using Plone: logging into a Plone site, creating simple content, etc. You can become comfortable with this in just an hour or two of playing with a demo Plone site.

It is not required that you know the following, but your class experience will be significantly enhanced if you have the following skills:

  • Basic Python
  • Intermediate HTML (building forms and understanding a web request)
  • Basic and intermediate CSS


This is a hands-on class. Students should have a laptop computer they can use during class.

TriPython endorses:

PyLadies RDU

September 14-16, 2016:

PyData Carolinas 2016

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18:00-21:00 Raleigh Project Night
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18:00-21:00 Durham Project Night
19:00-21:00 TriPython September 2018 Meeting: Tracking State And Detecting Events In CircuitPython: Debouncing The World With Software
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