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Scholarships Offered for PyOhio PyCamp™ 2014

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Brian Costlow, chair of the PyOhio regional conference, has announced that an anonymous donor has stepped forward and offered four scholarships for PyOhio PyCamp 2014.

The scholarships are specified for "women and minorities under-represented in computer science." Two additional criteria apply: applicants must not already be working in IT nor may they be already enrolled in a "formal" (i.e., secondary or university classroom) programming course or major (MOOCs are OK). The scholarships cover $150 of the eligible tuition. Therefore, an early bird tuition becomes $150. Or an early bird tuition with an OSU email address becomes just $100. These scholarships are first-come, first-served. If you qualify, please send an email, subject line "PyOhio PyCamp 2014 Scholarship," with how you meet with criteria and why you need PyCamp to

Register now for PyOhio PyCamp 2014 and get the early bird discount.

PyOhio PyCamp 2014 is a program of and a benefit for the PyOhio free regional Python conference. PyOhio PyCamp and PyOhio are sponsored by the Ohio State University Open Source Club.