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Triangle Python Users Group: TriPython (formerly TriZPUG)

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TriPython January, April, July, and October general meetings and monthly second Wednesday project nights meet at:

UNC Renaissance Computing Institute

TriPython February, May, August, and November general meetings meet at:

WebAssign: Online Homework and Grading

TriPython March, June, September, and December general meetings and monthly third Monday project nights meet at:

Caktus Consulting Group
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A dauntingly large number of Zope and Python resources are available. The hardest choice is, "Where to begin?" We've whittled it down to the straight and narrow for you. Don't stray from this path until you've reached its end. After that, stray far and wide. You'll know where. Or check out the Additional Resources down below if you'd prefer a series of interesting but endless rabbit holes.

Special note: TriZPUG is not a substitute for primary sources. TriZPUG supports Zope and Python education, and is part of the Zope and Python communities, but does not attempt to replace the primary educational materials of the Zope and Python communities writ large. If you are brand spanking new to Python, please see the main Python community help page.

Beginning Python: From Novice to Professional

Beginning Python: From Novice to Professional, 2nd Edition
Good introduction for students with a little programming experience.

The author's website has an excellent ten minute Python overview.
See below for two other excellent recommendations.

Beginner's Note

If you are coming to Python as your first programming language, you have made a good choice. There is consensus among many computer scientists: Python may rate as the best choice for learning to program. If you are finding learning how to program is more difficult than you thought, consider this good advice from the Director of Research at Google.


TriPython endorses:

PyLadies RDU

September 14-16, 2016:

PyData Carolinas 2016

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13:00-15:00 PyLadies RDU: Intro to Python with Grishma Jena (in your PJ series)
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